The Third Anniversary is the Limerick Anniversary, Right?

November 21, 2012 Personal, Poetry 28

Three years ago today, I got married. Jim’s a good egg, so I’m still pretty glad that we’re official and all. I knew I wanted to commemorate our anniversary on the blog, because it’s my blog and I just can’t read books THAT FAST, okay? Okay. So technically the three year anniversary gift is leather. We just purchased a leather couch. I will consider that our gift to each other. Hear that Jim? You are totally off the hook on presents! I couldn’t just leave it at that, though. I really wanted to write a cheeky sonnet to my beloved. The thing is. I can’t pull off a sonnet. Like at all. You’re getting limericks instead.

I Love Your Bad Jokes

Your humor is really quite odd

The train of thought, kind of a plod.

At home I do laugh-

At most of your gaffes.

But in public, I smile and nod.

Yes, that IS a Bruce Willis record!

I Secretly Love the Vintage Transformers Collection

The Transformers that live in our basement

Inside their impressive encasement?

I pretend to despise

But you know deep inside

I do not desire replacement.

Oh yeah. It’s real.

Your OCD Tendencies Give me Peace of Mind During Late Night Trips to the Bathroom

When I sit on a toilet that’s wet

I never worry or fret

It’s just disinfectant

On the porcelain vestment

You’re the cleanest man I’ve ever met.

I also know how much you love bad clip art!

This is a long, goofy way of saying, “Happy Anniversary, Jim!” I still like you. A lot.

Gratuitous wedding photo!


I had this post all written up and ready to post on the 21st. Jim didn’t see the piece about not having to get me a present, and thus, THESE arrived at my office:

I swear the flowers are so not a regular occurrence. I don’t want to discourage this behavior though… I LIKE flowers…

Card read, “I didn’t make the nice person with beautiful handwriting write a weasel message again. Love, Jim”

In case you don’t remember the incident of the “weasel” flowers… Read about it HERE. So. Happy Anniversary to us. And Happy Thanksgiving Eve to EVERYONE!

28 Responses to “The Third Anniversary is the Limerick Anniversary, Right?”

  1. Quirky Chrissy

    Happy anniversary to my favorite antelope and her hubs. 🙂 I hope you have a long life together…and then I shall devour you one day. (Oh, sorry world…just ignore me and my random rambles.)

  2. Daddio

    Happy Anniversary to you two. Hard to believe its been three years! I still feel like the Father of the Bride and its a wonderful feeling to know that you’re loved, happy and enjoying life.

    • Words for Worms

      LOL- they should come over. I wish it was just the Transformers, we have rubbermaid containers full of random action figures. Unfortunately, most of them aren’t allowed out of the packaging.

  3. didibooksenglish

    Happy anniversay!! What do you give when it’s a 20 year anniversay? I just had mine in July. We were supposed to go to Florence during November but I’ve been laid up with my torn Achilles tendon since the end of August. Love is such a wonderful thing! 🙂

    • Words for Worms

      Thanks Kelly! 🙂 I was rather pleased with it myself. Has anyone ever become a famous poet based solely on cheesy limericks? Because I think I could be that poet…

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