I’m Katie. I loved reading as a child so much that my extended family started buying me books for Christmas instead of toys. For the record, I ALSO liked toys. I’m not bitter or anything, really, I promise. When I was in college I started intentionally taking electives that would require reading novels as part of the curriculum, and as a result ended up with a minor in Women’s Studies and a minor in History. I majored in Communications, so that rumor that Com majors can’t read is patently false!


This is me. In a penguin hat.

Since college, I’ve spent a lot of my spare time devouring literature (I use the term loosely- some of what I’ve read hasn’t exactly been high quality). I have a talent for blocking out all my surroundings while reading. I can and have read through wedding receptions, trade shows, and awkward social gatherings. I also excel at finding hiding places to do my clandestine reading.

I wanted to write a blog and stick with it, so I decided to write the blog about the only “hobby” I’ve ever stuck with. I won’t guarantee that the occasional humorous anecdote about my failed attempts at knitting won’t make an appearance. Words for Worms (as in bookworms, in case you don’t follow my attempts at cleverness) will discuss books, literature, e-readers, book clubs, snobbery, snark, and wherever my reading happens to take me.

The sharing of this blog is encouraged, as long as proper credit is given to the author and a link to the source is provided. Did that sound official? I hope so. Don’t steal from me, I’m not that awesome. If you want to use a portion of this work for any reason, please ask. I’m pretty nice, I’ll probably say yes. Also, the only person who gets to make money off of this blog is ME. Not you. See?

If you are a student, copying my blog is not a good idea. You will probably flunk English. This is not intelligent literary criticism, it is no more than the barely coherent ramblings of a mildly insane woman. Just read the book, kid. Unless it’s Moby Dick. Then read the Cliffs Notes.

If you’d like to contact me via email, please write to wordsforworms@gmail.com

Please note that hate mail makes me cry, and I’m an ugly crier. You don’t want that on your conscience!

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  2. Katie, you and I have so much in common: you’re a young, newly-wed without children and I’m an old(er), … more experienced wife with three kids. You’re cute and hip, living the ‘big city’ life and I’m … aging gracefully on the High Plains of Texas. You are a blogging sensation, and I am a blogging plodder. So much in com … oh, well, … maybe not so much.
    Never mind I say! We are both readers and I love, love, love Words for Worms. My to-be-read list has grown exponentially since I found you. Keep up the great work!

    • Oh my goodness! This is so sweet! I assure you that I am neither “hip” or living the “big city” life (I’ll let you call me cute, I’m vain. But seriously, I live in central Illinois, which is essentially a ginormous cornfield.) And a sensation?! Oh heavens, no (but I LOVE the way you think!) I’m just really stinking lucky that a few awesome people responded to my emails and weren’t terrified by my stalking! I’m soooooo happy to have you here! Now, I’m off to check out your “plodding” blog!

  3. As a child, I remember loving to read and reading so much, that books certain books were hidden. By the age of 5, I could read anything. I may not have known what some of the words meant, but boy was I reading them. :-D I stumbled across your blog today, I have no idea how. I clicked a picture, hit the backspace key and here I am. :-) New fan from the West Indies.

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  5. Hi, Katie, I came across your blog through Freshly Pressed. I love it! I love books, not just to read but to look at and hold :) So, like you, I have plenty of books I’ve never (not yet?) read in part because I only bought them for the book design. And I am a knitter so I will look forward to reading your humorous anecdotes about your attempts at knitting. Cheers!

  6. Great writing voice, Katie! look forward to reading your blog, glad I found you on “WordPress’ best writing 2013″, congrats on nomination for Best Writing of a Weblog!

    • Thank you. Technically, I did not “win,” The Bloggess took top honors in my category. But you know in the Oscars how they always say “it’s just a thrill to be nominated?” I finally believe them now! :)

  7. ut oh, I have found a Professional Book Reviewer! =] Love your reviews!

    I subscribed about a month ago when I first made my blog but somehow I thought I said hello already but I guess not. Sometimes my brain cells run away from me, but they come back when I go to sleep!

    (I am always a genius in my dreams,coming up with great ideas for my first book and what not… but when I wake up I can’t ever remember what I was going to write about) lol

    I love your writing, You are the very definition of a professional and extremely talented writer.
    Anyone who reads your posts can instantly tell you were born to do this, Your reviews are an absolute blast to digest and absorb!

    I do Poetry and Book Reviews, But I must admit my book reviews so far are pretty terrible, But I have been improving lately so, that’s always good. =]

    Anyway here I am rambling on, Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your posts! Thanks for all the time and hard work you put into your blog so people like me can be entertained on our bookish addictions!

  8. Wow awesome about page! You had me enthusiasticly nodding in agreement to everything you said and laughing at your comments too. :) The poetry guy sounds very strange indeed! I’m not a fan of poetry anyway so I would have been running out of that class with you, lol.

    Looking forward to checking out some of your posts! :D

  9. Ok anyone that knows me knows I LOVE penguins, so honestly when I first saw your blog that was what I first noticed and I had to contain a scream!!! Absolutely adorable!!! I look forward to making my way around your blog. Just had to comment as a fellow penguin lover hehehe :)

      • OMG I’m so jealous. I write a lot of potty and I’ve even written a few about them. So I completely understand. I love your sense of humor and laid back style. I look forward to reading more of your writing and work :)

  10. I had one of those idiot creative writing instructors in college too. Only she was a real bitch who had nothing to say positive about anybody’s writing in her class. So I dropped it halfway through and continued writing. And look at me now, posting comments on your blog.

  11. Katie! I’m just following up with the SITSGirls Tribe Building Week. I thought the best way to get to know everyone was through their ABOUT pages on their blogs. I’ve been following you for a while, since the fall i think, but it is good to get to know you in another context. I’m looking forward to this week!
    Tanya recently posted…Mini-Bloggiesta: To-Do ListMy Profile

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