Gobble, Gobble, Y’all!

Happy Thanksgiving, my Bookworms! Today I am thankful for you YOU, and all of the cooking karma you mustered up to send to me. Gobble, gobble!

Yes, that’s a turkey on my head. Nothing to see here, people. Move along.

9 thoughts on “Gobble, Gobble, Y’all!

  1. OMG, is that a turkey hat from Target??? I saw one exactly like that and didn’t buy it, and I am so sad I did not! I’m glad someone has it! It looks awesome. :)

    Hope you guys have a yummy, fun holiday! Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving. I am glad for you that we serve turkey on Thanksgiving and not antelope. Although antelope is soooo delicious. Maybe we should start a whole holiday just for eating antelope. And we could nickname it Antelope Day. Then it would be like you get a whole holiday.

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